Topeca Coffee - Sweater Weather WHOLE BEAN 12oz

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Topeca Coffee - Sweater Weather WHOLE BEAN 12oz


Perfect for the holiday season and those blustery winter days. Break out your sweater and scarf and brew yourself this comforting blend of El Salvadoran, Haitian, and Kenyan coffees. We developed this roast to a rich medium degree, which highlights the caramel and spice notes that these coffees have to offer. The body is full, with a long lasting finish. You'll find flavors reminiscent of spiced apple, caramel, toffee, and dark chocolate.

This winter looks a bit different from ones in the past, we know. But we are hoping that in lieu of warm hugs from friends, this blend can provide a little piece of warmth and comfort. If you have someone special in your life you've been unable to connect with these many months, I bet they'd love to receive a bag of this in their mailbox, or a drive-by porch drop!

Tis the season!


Made in Oklahoma